We dream of a world where the markets are borderless and property rights are unconditional.

That desire led us to engineer a blockchain wallet that works without borders and gives an unmatched control.

Wallet Balance Transactions Settings

We did the hard work and built the wallet like no other.

  • Invest Freely
  • Have Full Control
  • Be Independent
  • Stay Anonymous
  • Become Unstoppable
Most advanced wallet to date
Be In Control
  • Fully Non-Custodial
  • Private Keys stored on device
  • Can't Be Blocked/Censored
  • Easy Backup / Restore
  • Open-Source
Remain Private
  • No Data Collection
  • No Accounts
  • No AML, No KYC
  • Works in P2P manner
  • Fully Decentralized
Designed to Datail
Stay Up-To-Date
  • Segwit enabled (for Bitcoin)
  • Instant Payments (for Dash)
  • Real-time Exchange Rates
  • Smart Transaction Fees
  • Face ID / Touch ID
Superior UI
  • Built Natively
  • Multilingual
  • Dark / Light modes
  • Responsive UI
Be Free. Be Unstoppable.