We dream of a world where private property rights are unconditional.

That desire led us to engineer a wallet that lives forever and unconditionally protects your assets.

Wallet Balance Transactions Settings

After 25,000 engineering hours we ended up with the wallet that can’t fail.

It’s classy on the surface and unstoppable under the hood.

  • Can’t Be Blocked
  • Can’t Be Shut Down
  • No Signups, KYC or AML
  • 100% Under Your Control
Most advanced wallet to date
  • No Data Collection
  • No Accounts
  • No AML, No KYC
  • Fully P2P
  • Non-Custodial
  • Can't Be Shut
  • Easy Backup / Restore
  • Open-Source
Superior UI
  • Built Natively
  • Multilingual
  • Dark / Light modes
  • Responsive UI
Designed to Datail
  • Real-time Exchange Rates
  • Smart Transaction Fees
  • Fully Decentralized
  • Face ID / Touch ID
Be Free. Be Unstoppable.